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Beautiful colorful stained glass image of Jesus Christ

The significance of our church colors: purple, lavender and gold

The color purple holds symbolic meaning in the Bible, representing royalty and nobility. Jesus being draped with a robe of purple in John 19:2 highlights His exalted status as the King of Kings. The color’s association with wealth and power emphasizes Jesus’s divine kingship and His rightful place as the ultimate ruler.

In the Bible, lavender’s spiritual symbolism represents regal luxury and beauty. This nard was an expensive plant ‒ financially out of reach for most. The flower is also viewed as a symbol of the Virgin Mary. The spiritual meaning of lavender is innocence, serenity, and faithfulness ‒ a fitting match for our church and mission.

Gold has long been symbolic of power and majesty. The gift of gold from the three kings to the newborn Jesus was in recognition of His divinity, and acknowledgement that He truly is our Messiah.

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